Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Teeny Needle Tuesday


I give this project a C+.

It's cute, but ...................

I didn't pay attention very well to the pattern and just started stitching. I finished the green block with the bit of red at the bottom. Then I finished the red with green beads .....................and then I noticed.

:::sigh:::   Each square has a bit of an adjoining square and so those corner bits should have been stitched with the appropriate beads. The top squares aren't. I had too much done, including the back stitching and I wasn't about to rip it all back out.

It's cute.

It will make a nice gift for someone next December.

I'll make sure it goes to someone that doesn't read my blog.

They'll NEVER know the difference.

P.S.  Who wraps their packages that sloppy that they don't line up the paper pattern with the ribbon?  Huh????? #wrapneatly