Friday, November 16, 2018

Baby It's COLD Outside (Knit Faster)

While progress is certainly being made,
this blanket isn't going to keep much of anyone warm,
except maybe a very small bear.

However, squares have happened.
Twenty-FIVE squares to be exact.

The top row (closest to Kerby) are the squares done this week.

And there is this . . . 

....a little sparkly knitting on a VERY grey day.
The yarn has stellina in it ............not that you can see it in the photo.
Trust me's there. 
Squint a little.  Maybe you can see it then.

Colorway:  Root Beer Fizzy Float

At this point, my ankle would be warm and my toes freezing.
The other foot left to fend for itself.
(Thank goodness for slippers and an ample sock supply.)

Someone has been givin' me the stink eye that says .......
Knit faster's COLD in here!

This sweater. You want to wear THIS sweater?
Already taken.

Thursday, November 15, 2018


(start the video and then click the square to make a large viewing screen.)

This morning I was out for a belated birthday breakfast with Danika. 

It started snowing just as we were leaving Tiger's
where they have the best breakfasts!!!

By the time I got home it was starting to ramp up
and now it is snowing like crazy and Butler Avenue is covered.

Thank goodness ......I can just stay home
and watch from my window.