Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Teeny Needle Tuesday - An F.O. Post

The first finish for Teeny Needle Tuesday.

Pattern:  Heart In Hand Halloween Bird

Fabric:  Charles Craft Showcase Towel in Ivory


1. Shortened the bird's legs to fit the stitching area.

2. Moved the bird up one space. This was actually an error,
but not one that makes one whit's difference. So....
it stayed.

3.  Outlined the ghost so it would stand out better.

4. Changed the top color of candy corn from ivory to light yellow
for the same reason as modification #3.

Level of Satisfaction:


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunday Swing KAL

I make no promises,
but I think I have found the right yarn to fit the 
Sunday Swing sock pattern.

If you remember,
yarn number 1 was a little too thin and made horrible ladders on the left gusset.

Yarn number 2 (which you didn't see) was too dark and obscured the pattern.

Third time *may* be the charm.

The color is light and spring-like.

The yarn is heavier and should not *ladder* quite as much.

And .........well, I just how it is knitting up (no pooling so far).

So, we shall see how it goes.

I make NO promises.


I've read that many of you are waiting on amaryllis blooms.
I've been waiting on THIS.
Right after we moved to Pennsylvania last year,
I picked up this cheapie orchid at Produce Junction to bring a little color to our dull rental townhouse.

If I remember correctly, I paid $5.00.

I figured when it was done blooming, if the plant didn't do well,
I would just discard it.

It did well. It set buds a little over a month ago
and yesterday the first bud opened.

Friday, February 15, 2019

A Friday Finish

Block #64 
It's done.

And thus .....a blanket just right for a kitty has been finished.

My intention was to make two queen size scrappy blankets, but the truth is . . . I really don't NEED two of them. Seeing as Giroux is quite fond of these blankets, I figured he would enjoy one of his very own.

I was NOT wrong about that.

Thursday, February 14, 2019