Sunday, October 21, 2018

Saturday is for Shopping

Vera and I went on a little adventure into the city yesterday.

Main goal:  Hidden River Yarns in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia.

Dead Grandma was in the window
greeting everyone that stopped by.
After a good browse around, purchases were made.
(Seriously, did you think I would go all that way and not BUY something? LOL)

The full skein of sock yarn is Youghiogheny Yarns in the color:  Autumn Path. The two larger minis are Madeline Tosh and the smaller ones are just random minis from a bowl (no names) and the little guy at the bottom - well, THAT'S Tubby Robot. He didn't come from the yarn shop. He came from the ice cream shop across the street. I just thought he was too cute and he had to come home with me. He will be pinned to my skully pouch and make my cute little notions bag even cuter.

Vera got some things too
and don't let her tell you that I enabled her.
She did it all by herself.  
Winking Face With Tongue on Google Android 9.0

Lunch was at a bar along Main Street 
where I tried to show Vera the joys of multiple screens of college football,
major league soccer and hockey.

She wasn't buying it.

Oh well, Vera ------ at least the beer, food and company were all good.

Then it was off for some coffee and knitting
and of course, planning our next
grand day out.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Foto Friday - Skeleton Edition

A commentary on how much rain we have had this year?


Looks like Fido went and found his OWN BONE!

I have to admit ....
the cat hanging off the skeleton's bum made me literally LAUGH OUT LOUD!
Please note: the photos are clickable to make them larger,
if you want to see the details better.

I drove past this display on my way to the tag agency
in Doylestown this afternoon.

I had to drive around the block to take a second look
and capture the photos.

This guy gets an A+++ for creativity.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Schoolhouse in Little Stone Schoolhouse

I don't think I've shown any photos of the schoolhouse
since we moved our stuff in on August 7.

The photos I showed before were from the MLS listing
and all that stuff belonged to the seller.

We are much more "streamlined",
i.e.  we don't have so much STUFF.

What you see coming up the main road.
We are at the end of a frontage road and it can be "tricky" to
find your way in. We field an awful lot of lost folks.
Apparently GPS isn't quite right. Luckily, it doesn't direct them off a cliff,
just to a dead-end driveway.
The windows on the left are Steve's office --- my favorite room in the house with a stone wall
and the exposed chimney.
I would have loved to have THIS as my craft room, but the lighting was not good for stitching.

Unfortunately, trying to get a photo of it proved impossible.
The room is small and it is quite dark in there.

Originally, this was an open front porch before it was enclosed and turned
into a mud room and office.
The chimney stone reads:
Cedar Hill
Built 1852
Rebuilt 1884

We aren't sure what year the school burned down. There is still a portion of the original slate roof  with scorched rafters and evidence of another fireplace up in the attic.  There is a beautiful brick hearth facing the chimney, but no firebox. In the crawlspace under the living room is evidence that there were two more windows on the north side of the cellar. They have been stoned over outside, but the frames and glass still exist in the crawlspace wall. Also in the basement is the school bell. Sometime in the future we will restore the bell and have it mounted and placed on the front porch.

Dining area and kitchen.

Living room.
The rocker belonged to my mother.
It has my cross stitched alphabet afghan on it now.
It originally had an orange plaid wool blanket.
Master bathroom.
I love having the washer and dryer right there handy.

Guest room and where my computer and stitching stuff lives.
The teddy on the bed was the first gift Stephen received when he was born.
Kerby is 35 years old this year.
He's had a little cosmetic surgery, but is not looking bad for his age.
The mudroom has a beautiful flagstone floor and the step is the original
stone step into the classroom with the stone wall on the right.
This is where Creepy Cranky Christmas Guy and his Cat live
along with several cross stitch projects, including my very first one.
I made the covered bridge stitchery when I was eight.

So, THAT'S the tour. We have another bathroom (think vintage 50s). It is in very good condition and we will probably update the vanity, but leave the vintage tile and tub.

Our bedroom is just a "plain box" --- large, but not unique in any way. 

As Kathy will tell you,
living in a vintage home has its charms,
but also has its challenges.

Our home inspector did not do the best job and we've had some
surprises (including a washing machine that also did floors. The dryer
did not feel compelled to dry the floor).
One by one we pick off the jobs.

Nothing is so bad that we regret our purchase.

However, we may have had a few select thoughts about the inspector. LOL

I love
my little stone schoolhouse.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

But, WAIT! There's More.

The birthday socks aren't the only thing 
on the needles.

Look! There are two more projects.

Blankie Three
The last time you saw this project there was one square.

This is the ever popular The Coziest Memory Blanket by Kemper Wray.
So far most of the yarn in this blanket are purchased (or gifted) minis.
But, two were actual socks.

The pink with black flecks and the bright orange with green/blue flecks
were from socks I made last year.

But .....that's STILL not all.
There is another pair of socks on the needles too.

And, right now ..... I'm thinking THIS project is my favorite.

This is Honey Badger²
Honey Badger X Honey Badger, if you will.


Pattern:  Honey Badger by Irishgirlieknits. It's a free pattern on Ravelry.

Yarn:  Brew City Yarns Premium Draft Sock Yarn

Colorway:  You guessed it ----- Honey Badger

This is one of those fun patterns where it is easy enough that you can chat at knit group or watch  some football, but not so mindless that you want to poke your brain out with a knitting needle from boredom. And did I mention...IT'S FREE!

These two will definitely be going to knit group tonight.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Going 'Round One More Time

Well, round 62 of my circuiting around the sun is complete
and it's on to circuit 63.

Round 62 saw two big moves,
one from Jacksonville to Chalfont in November
and, hopefully, the LAST one in August ---
moving just a few miles north to our own house.

THREE moves in two years is a bit much.

For circuit 63, I'm stayin' put!

There is an old saying that is ....

Start as you intend to go.

So, I'm starting circuit 63 with some knitting and a cup of tea.

Solar Socks
It is a very, VERY good way to start.