Thursday, October 17, 2019

Making Day

A blustery day calls for ---- muffins!
Shoo-fly Muffins
I haven't tried one yet. They are still very hot.
But, I CAN tell you, it smells GREAT in here.

That's not ALL I made today.

I finally got some socks moving on the needles.

Bubblewrap Socks
I started these socks at breakfast, worked up the leg while we had coffee and started on the heel flap while the muffins baked.

Can you believe this is the ONLY thing on my needles right now?

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Out and About

I had hoped to show you my new sock cast on today,
but as hard as I tried, I could NOT get a decent photo.

It is rainy and dark.
It makes for a photo that isn't much to look at.

So --- how about some photos from Monday and Tuesday.

Monday we played tourist in Philadelphia.

 We took SEPTA regional rail into the city. So much easier than driving in and trying to find a place to park that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Nice surprise? Because Steve is a first responder, our tickets were free. Thank you, SEPTA.

 We got into town just in time for a brunch (before the lunch rush). This is Honey's Sit and Eat, a place that I went with Bridget awhile back. It was fabulous then and fabulous now.
 This might be my favorite house in all of Philadelphia. It was a private home at one time, but now is a veterinarian's office. I think kitty wants IN!

Independence Hall
The Liberty Bell

Carved pumpkins on a doorstep in Elfreth's Alley.
Wm. Penn and I share a birthday --- one of us is NOT 375 years old.
One of us is not dead ---- that would be ME, in case you were concerned.

Elfreth's Alley - our nation's oldest residential street

City Hall

The iconic LOVE sculpture

We were downtown most of the day and Steve estimates we walked around 7 miles and yes, I am feeling it.  YOWZA! But, I had a blast. 

Tuesday couldn't have been more different.
It was a day to go "down on the farm" at Tabora Farm.

We went to get local apples.


The curley-wurly pumpkin path
We did get local-ish apples --- some grown on this farm and some grown on farms in New York. Maybe not as pretty as the apples from the big-box grocery store, but definitely tastier and I am a firm believer in #shoplocal #shopsmall #supportyourlocalfarmer.

There has been a bit of knitting ---- just a bit
and hopefully I can get a decent shot tomorrow 
when the sun comes out again.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Goin' Round One More Time

How many projects could be finished in 52 weeks?

How many books read?

How much yarn purchased, and how much yarn used up?

How many cross stitch projects?

I am hoping there will be at LEAST one finish.

This will be the year for a BAP* on Teeny Needle Tuesdays.

Oh my ...... I think I see a cat hair in there.

There will be at least one scrappy blanket worked on.

In 365 days will I be able to finish two?

I would love to make a second one of JUST sock scraps,
a memory blanket in the truest sense of the word.

Is that pushing it?

I'm hoping there will be a sweater.
I knit-dream that there will be more than one.
I have YARN for more than one.

The question is . . . do I have the courage to dive on in and make something that has to be fitted?

Socks are pretty forgiving.
Sweaters? Not so much.

So come along as I embark on another trip around the sun
with needles in hand and a whole lot of stitchy optimism.

*BAP ---- Big a$$ project.